The Town

Miraculously unscathed during WW2, Bayeux was the first city liberated by allied forces. Used as a medical and logistical hub after D-Day, Bayeux was also the site of General DeGaulle’s famous Bayeux Speeches declaring France to be firmly on the side of the Allies. A 15 minute drive to Gold Beach and 35 minutes to Omaha, Bayeux is the perfect springboard for visiting numerous World War 2 sites including the American Cemetery. In addition, numerous tour operators depart everyday from La Place du Québec, a mere 2 minute walk from our Tower.
But Bayeux is also an ancient town whose oldest roots can be found in traces of Druid campsites, now wonderfully displayed at Bayeux’s art and history museum MAHB. The city’s history continues as it was established as a Gallo-Roman settlement and then as an important city in Medieval Normandy. The UNESCO world heritage artifact, the world famous Bayeux Tapestry, is a must see with audio tours in over 20 languages. Detailing William the Conqueror’s conquest of England, Bayeux’s amazing Roman Gothic Cathedral figures prominently in the almost 1,000 year old work of embroidery.
While cobblestone streets and timbered wood homes attest to the town’s Medieval roots, Bayeux is also a lovely, livable city of the present. The historic city center can be entirely explored by foot. There are many wonderful scenic walks, great restaurants and charming boutiques to be discovered all over town. The citizens of Bayeux are used to sharing their city with people from around the world and will welcome you with warmth and charm.
La Tour Bayeux, is the perfect place to discover all this and more.

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